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The Ultimate Toolbox for Creators

Insights Dashboard

MyCreatorInsights provides in-depth analytics for any Youtube channel to help you decide how to best create your own content. You will receive a number of unique data points including estimated earnings, average views per video, upload frequency, best and worst performing videos, and much more!

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Exclusive Discord Server

Patreon members will receive an invitation to our exclusive Discord server. Here you'll be able to discuss content growth strategies, get valuable feedback from other creators, learn new workflows and processes, and even find people to collaborate with on your next project!

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Brand Valuation Tool

Equip yourself to negotiate for brand deals and sponsorships by knowing exactly how much to charge. Our Brand Evaluation Tool uses your current Youtube analytics to present you with a fair market price range for what an ad placement on your channel is worth.

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DMCA Safe Music (Coming Oct. 1)

MyCreatorMusic is a music project designed to put content creators first. Here you will find DMCA safe, copyright-free music that is completely safe to use for your live streams or YouTube videos!

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Tag Generator

Easily generate relevant and effective SEO optimized tags for your YouTube videos. This can help improve the discoverability of your videos and attract more viewers.

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Youtube Title Generator

Tired of trying to come up with a catchy title for your next Youtube Video? Try our Title Generator Tool. Using generative AI, we can quickly create relevant and effective SEO optimized title options for your next YouTube video.

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Keyword Research Tool

Optimize your content creation strategy on YouTube by researching other channels and finding relevant tags used by other successful videos. This tool is most helpful for content creators who want to use similar tags in their own videos to improve their discoverability.

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Content Library

The Mike Avery Show is a series about growing your social media reach through content creation. On the Youtube channel, we discuss filming, editing, gear, software, workflow, and show the behind the scenes progress of a 100k Youtube Channel.

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